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How can we get more You Tube views?

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Hi! It’s been a week since I uploaded my video and I got only a few views. Help please! How do I get more views? I want the world to know about my video. It’s sort of a dream of mine. Anyways, thanks guys! Love you all so much!


asked May 16, 2013 in Social Media by Steve34 (3 points)

7 Answers

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 Hi there. I will help you by searching your video. But if you are serious on advertising your videos, you can ask the help of those who give social media services. I heard viewet.com is a pro when it comes to offering Buy YouTube Views. With their help, I am sure that you will reach that dream of yours.   


answered May 17, 2013 by shagun2 (5 points)
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If you have uploaded a video and not received sufficient views yet, then you need to buy youtube views which will help to increase the umber of genuine views to your video. And with in a very short period you can see huge number of increased views on your video.

answered Feb 1, 2014 by Michelle (5 points)
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If one encounters a video having a considerate number of views, he will prefer to watch that video in comparison to the one having least number of views. It is Human nature. Don't worry about it, we are here to provide you real youtube views to increase traffic on your video.

Keiron Powell

buy youtube views

answered Feb 21, 2014 by Keiron (21 points)
edited Feb 21, 2014 by Keiron
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More number of views on your videos increases interest among the watchers and it will make your video popular despite of the cultural and geographical boundaries. But if you want to get success in your business then you can use buy youtube comments service, by using this services you can boost your business brand. To know more visit:- http://www.buyyoutubelikes.com/youtube-comments/

answered Aug 9, 2014 by GemmaBissix (63 points)
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Everybody knows youtube is the best platform to promote any kind of business video. if you want to promote your video on youtube. create a channel on youtube and upload videos according your product and views, likes has automatically come on your video, also you can buy youtube comments from any online service provider. it will help you to increase number of  views on your youtube video post.

answered Mar 3, 2015 by GemmaBissix (63 points)
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You can get a large number of YouTube views on your videos within a quick span of time by using buying YouTube comments fast service from the best company on the basis of reading their reviews from our website "Buyyoutubecommentsreviews". Once you use this service you will surely increase a large number of YouTube views on your videos.

answered Apr 8, 2015 by YTcommentsreviews (5 points)
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YouTube is an online platform to upload the video. Large number of views on the video are very useful to catch the attention of large number of viewers but you are unable to get large number of views on the video. You can get more YouTube views through Buy YouTube Views from our best place at the best price in the market. We deliver the genuine views in huge amount in a secure manner.

Source: http://www.viewsyt.com

answered Mar 10, 2016 by Brown001 (9 points)

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